Via Benefits and HRA  Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is an HRA?

A:    Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement:  A Collins retiree benefit to help retired employees and their spouses pay for some of their Medicare health insurance premiums.  The maximum reimbursement is set by the company. Premiums paid for any Medicare Supplement, Advantage Plan, Drug Plan, or for Medicare Part B can be used to apply for reimbursement.

Q:    Who is eligible?

 Retirees and spouses who retired before 2020 who meet Colins requirements for the program.  To be eligible, one or more Medicare health insurance policies must be purchased through a company called Via Benefits (formerly named One Exchange).

Q:    Who is Via Benefits?

Via Benefits, is an insurance agency that specialized in Medicare insurance. This company manages and distributes the HRA for Collins Aerospace.  (A second company called Payflex is used by Via Benefits to process the payments to retirees.)

Q:    What happens if I don’t buy at least one of my Medicare insurance policies from Via Benefits?  For example, what if I have a Medicare Advantage Plan as my only Medicare insurance, and I go to an insurance seminar and buy that plan, or if I sign up for it on

 You will lose your HRA benefit for life.

Q:    Does Via Benefits pay me my HRA automatically?

 Maybe.  If you have set up an automatic monthly payment for your Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan through Via Benefits they will continue HRA payouts year after year without re-application.  For Medicare part B, for plans paid by Social Security deduction, or for plans you pay directly, you will need to reapply for your reimbursement every year.

Q:    How do I apply:

 Via Benefits provides application forms with your name and a computer readable bar code.  Instructions are printed on these forms.  You should automatically receive those forms in the mail, but if not, you can request forms by calling Via Benefits at 1 (866) 249-9924.

Q:    What form do I need?

Depends on how you pay your premium.  There are three.  If you paid a premium in one lump sum, you use the standard Reimbursement Request Form.  If you pay monthly premiums, use the Recurring Premium form.  Use the Recurring Medicare Part B form if you claim Medicare part B premiums.

Q:    What else do I need to do?

Every claim must have some form of proof that you actually payed or are committed to pay the premium you are claiming.  The instructions on the form describe what is needed.

Q:    Can I do all this over the internet?

Yes.  Their web site is  They have a very complete help page you may read without logging in.  (Click Help & Support.)  If you register and log in, you can check your remaining balance, print your own claim forms, and submit claims directly.  You may have to email proof-of-payment documents to support those claims.

Q:    This is all too much for me.  Can I get help?

Certainly.  The most direct way is to call Via Benefits at 1 (866) 249-9924.  They have native English and Spanish speaking staff who are very familiar with questions you may have and can quickly answer your questions.  The web site, has a good set of Q & A examples that cover most topics with no log in required.  (Click Help & Support.) 

Another alternative is to call a local SHIIP office for help. A list of Eastern Iowa SHIIP offices is available at SHIIP volunteers are Medicare specialists, not trained specifically to deal with company insurance questions, but many of the volunteers (especially in the St Lukes and Mercy SHIIP offices) are themselves Collins retirees, and will try to help you.  They have FAX service which may be used to send claims directly to Via benefits.